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In-house & Onsite Technology Training from Crabtree Controls Ltd

Crabtree Controls Ltd. is a specialist company focussed on In-house Technical Training and encompasses the whole sphere of Process Control and Instrumentation; Data Communications and Fieldbus Networking; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; and Project Management.

Our training and mentoring programs are specifically designed for employees in the Gas & Oil, Utilities, and Chemical Industries, and can be tailored to adjust the content and timing to match the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your delegates. And to enhance learning all of our course content is complimented by both customised and standard technical resource handbooks from our extensive information library.

Process Control & Instrumentation Training

In the field of process control and instrumentation, our expertise ranges from: industrial measurement technology (flow, temperature, pressure, level, and analytical), computer-based automation (Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), PLCs and SCADA systems) through to a process control (valves, and PID regulatory and advanced control systems).

Data Communications & Fieldbus network training

Our capabilities in data communications and Fieldbus networking embraces the full range of systems from basic RS232 through to Profibus/Foundation Fieldbus, Ethernet and wireless.

Electrical and electronic engineering training

We also specialise in multi-disciplinary, cross-training of engineers, technicians and artisans, providing courses in electrical and industrial electronic engineering, in order to equip your workforce with the skills required to face the challenges of the future.

Training for gas, oil, utilities, chemical, and other Industries

Training can be tailored to target specific areas of industry. In the oil and gas industries we can focus on the distinctive requirements facing facilities engineers, or the particular requirements of engineers and technicians involved in a refinery.

In the petrochemical and chemical industries we can look at the broader aspects of risk management and safety systems.

In the power generation and water utilities, as well as the food and beverage industries, we might focus on the needs of online liquid analysis. Or, specific to the utilities industries, we might look at the re-emerging DNP3 communications standard that is currently being incorporated into smart-grid technology.

And in mining we might examine the specific problems of hazardous areas and intrinsic safety.

The company has been responsible for leading more than 5000 engineers, technicians and scientists on hundreds of training workshops throughout the world ranging from as far afield as Namibia, Alaska, Canada, the USA, the UK, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Trinidad.

Technical and engineering training development programs

It is now recognised that a multi-skilled workforce is an essential ingredient in developing better productivity and efficiency.

Crabtree Controls Ltd concentrates on assessing vocational technical competence and provides recommendations for the provision of interdisciplinary programs designed for artisans, technicians and engineers. In this manner we can help you identify gaps within your company in terms of specialist technical training and develop a skilled workforce qualified to international and industry standards.

Technical books

Written by internationally acclaimed technical author, Mick Crabtree, Crabtree Controls Ltd. publishes a range of authoritative technical resource handbooks presented in a format aimed at both the novice and the experienced engineering and technical practitioner.

Written in a detailed but understandable language, the technical resource handbooks represent some thirty years wealth of experiential knowledge gleaned by the author working within a wide variety of industries and from more than 5000 technicians and engineers who have attended the author’s workshops.