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‘Industrial Temperature Measurement – a definitive practical guide’

Industrial Temperature Measurement – a definitive practical guide

Book Description: Temperature is the most common industrial measurement and although regarded by many as simple and straightforward, all too often it is poorly implemented. Indeed, incorrect application and lack of understanding frequently results in inferior regulatory control performance.

‘Industrial Temperature Measurement – a definitive practical guide’ is a comprehensive up-to-date body of knowledge that addresses the complete range of modern temperature measuring technologies in an easily accessible format.

Whilst addressing traditional technologies that include expansion systems, thermocouples, and RTDs this guide redresses many of the shortcomings prevalent in most books dealing with temperature measurement, by covering both thermometry and thermography as well as transmitters.

Running at more than 200 pages this volume contains more than 200 explanatory drawings and graphs.

Cost: $59.00 +p&p - this Book can be ordered by post >>>